Saturday, March 19, 2005

Staying at The TraveLodge New Orleans

Well, it sure didn't look like the picture on the TraveLodge site! (They left out the chain-link fence with razor wire on top surrounding the entire perimeter.) I got in around 9:30 pm from the airport after a long day flying in from Seattle for the CTIA Show. I knew it was going to get interesting when I walked into the lobby and there were 10 pissed-off people standing around the small lobby at this TraveLodge. Unfortunately, we all knew that there weren't any other rooms available ANYWHERE in New Orleans; the town had been booked for months in advance for this wireless telecom convention and trade show. We were completely at their mercy and they knew it!

It took over an hour to get checked in (and only after a very colorful sarcastic and loud comment in the lobby about the long wait to no one in particular). Once I finally got into my room, I decided to at least put my digital camera to good use documenting my stay at this fine, overpriced establishment and hope to shame the TraveLodge corporate management to look at this place closely enough to put it out of its misery. Maybe I can also draw some attention to Orbitz as well and strike a blow for road warriors everywhere. So here's my 2-night adventure at the TraveLodge in New Orleans complete with color commentary...

But I DID find some decent Chinese Soul Food. See the final picture in this series...

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